ADONIS Body Contouring

November 29, 2021

Your beautiful body contours can be easily reached with the help of professional services from ADONIS Body Plastic Surgery. A special approach which is outlined by the highest quality and successful experience of happy people – is the main fact to begin your treatment process with the ADONIS clinic. 

ADONIS advanced methods of Body contouring include several options:

  • ultrasonic liposuction (surgical removal of excess fatty tissue)
  • lipofilling (injection of patient’s adipose tissue for aesthetic modeling)
  • body sculpting (visual correction of body relief)

With the help of such methodology, we improve the quality and body forms, according to the personal request of the patient. We provide the widest variety of Programs that can be the best basis for your further development and maintenance of the body shapes. 

Variety of options from ADONIS Body Plastic Surgery impresses because we work with the whole body emphasizing your advantages.  

ADONIS Body Contouring Programs include:

  • abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • liposuction of belly fat
  • arm lift (brachioplasty)
  • buttocks augmentation with implants
  • labiaplasty
  • hymenoplasty
  • complex vaginal rejuvenation
  • breast plastic surgery (augmentation, reduction, lifting, correction)

Comprehensive approach to each case helps to reach the best results. We ensure professional control over the whole process and medical follow-up even after discharge. Our staff of doctors includes only renowned and experienced ones that work with the whole dedication for the well-being of ADONIS clients. 

Body contouring effectiveness 

ADONIS Body Contouring Programs are developed according to the requests, wishes and needs of the clients. We provide the most technological surgery process using the newest equipment and the latest manufactured lasers. Our methods of manipulation are less traumatic and gentle enough (blood vessels, nerve pathways, connective epithelium remain intact) which ensure the easier rehabilitation stage. 


The main effects of ADONIS Body Contouring include the following: 

  • substantial remodeling of skin and body forms
  • thickening and tightening of the skin
  • qualitative and impressive change of body contours
  • visible final outcome (after the successful rehabilitation stage)

During the one Body Contouring Plastic Surgery, ADONIS skilled doctors can operate different areas of the body – the areas that have excess fat and the areas that require the injection of adipose tissue for contouring. Such an approach helps to reduce the negative effect of anesthesia and to reach the long-awaited form more quickly. 

Rehabilitation stage and lifestyle


As it was said before ADONIS Body Contouring Plastic Surgery is the greatest basis for your further improvements and maintenance of forms. 

The proper respect of  all the doctor’s recommendations will help to quickly dispose of some pain, tenderness and bruises in the affected area, which can be observed in 1 week after the surgery. 


The main Rehabilitation actions may include the following:

  • compression underwear usage
  • antibiotics and drug reception taking (with the prescription of the doctor)
  • physical activities refrain

Not least is your personal attitude and efforts made to maintain your forms in a perfect state. Proper nutrition, physical activity, massages and special care for your skin – are the main credos of your life after Body Contouring Surgery.ADONIS Body Contouring Surgery will help you to reach the long awaited body shapes without additional problems (Body Contouring reviews speak for themselves). Choose the best Program for you and come to make your dream – a reality!


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