Afraid To Tell Lover About Secret Child

A 24-year-old young woman, who grew up poor in the country is asking for advice on a secret that she has been keeping from her 30-year-old lover.

The anonymous sender wrote that at the tender age of 17, she was raped by a family member. However, she did not report this incident to her parents out of fear of being shunned for the claims made. Despite the trauma that she went through, she birthed a baby boy, to whom she left with her mother in the country and went to college in Kingston to further her education.

At her graduation, she stated that the guy met her parents, however, he did not meet her child. She further divulged that the man has two children who live with their mother but still feels hesitant to mention her son to him. 

The young lady explains that her reason for not telling the man that she has a child is because he did not ask, so she did not feel a need to mention it. Also, the fear of him finding out that she has a child by a close family member lingers deeply on her mind, which have also caused her to hide her baby boy out of embarrassment and fear of losing the guy.

Now, this is where the situation gets more complicated, as the young lady expressed that she is in love with this guy and foresees a future with him. He has even made mention of them getting married in the future.

Distressed about what might happen if she tells her lover the big secret, the young woman is now asking for advice on the matter. Should she let the guy know that she has a child or should she continue to keep it a secret? Should she tell him that she was raped by a close family member or should she leave that detail out?

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