Mavado Gets The Females In Their “Feelings” With New Song

Mavado is turning up in 2022, steadily doing so since he released his first track for the year entitled “Money And Done”, and now he has stepped up again, releasing “Feelings” produced by Chimney Records on the “Upstairs riddim”.

Starting off the song, “Gully God” began with a chorus that highlights how well he made love to a female partner of his, leaving her with no other option than to be in her feelings.

Mavado however, flipped the script in the song, after mentioning the good love the woman enjoyed courtesy of him, as he went on to let it be known that they are no longer close as if to mean that he just took his opportunity then disregarded her.

He then went on to make it known in the verse of the song that after his rendezvous with the female, she described him to be heartless even though she loves him regardless, whilst acknowledging that some men are “Johncrows” and some women are dogs.

The second verse of the track followed a similar line of lyrics to the first as in it the deejay emphasizes how messed up the female thinks he is, however, being the witty person that “Vado” is he said that he told the woman that talking “cyaan go a Market”, meaning it has no value.

In Mavado’s mind what he values is the experience of giving her the “Lumber” in his Rolls Royce. 

Watch “Feelings” video below

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