After Shocks Rattled Jamaica on Wednesday

5.1 magnitude earthquake struck Jamaica Wednesday morning, the epicentre was 114 kilometers north, northwest of Lucea, Hanover. According to reports from the United States Geological Survey.

The tremor was felt in the Western end of the island and it had a depth of 10 km. 

After the big 7.7 quake on Tuesday, this was the second after shock to be felt by persons even in Montego Bay.

Concerned persons exited buildings as they swayed, and they are now worried that damage was done. The US Geographical survey reported that a second quake had hit Jamaica.

The big earthquake that was felt in the Cayman Island, Haiti, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Cuba and parts of Florida was the first one.

“It is normal for after-shocks to follow a big earthquake”, revealed the experts.

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