Agent Sasco Gives Wife Nicole Full Marks For Her Cooking Skills in Hilarious Footage – Watch Video

Agent Sasco is not only a renowned Jamaican dancehall artiste but also a devoted husband. In a newly released video, he expressed his satisfaction with his wife’s culinary skills, which included fried dumplings and Grace Mackerel. Agent Sasco has given his wife full marks in the kitchen, and for a good reason, as he was all smiles when tasting the meal.

Known for his energetic performances and elegant lyrics, Agent Sasco is no stranger to the music world. However, behind the scenes, he leads a fulfilling family life with his wife and children. In a recent social media post, he shared the moment that he tasted his wife’s fried dumplings and mackerel dish, complementing her cooking skills.


The Winning Right Now artiste kickstarted his grading by pointing out that the shape and consistency of the fried dumplings were on point. After tasting it alone, the singer shook his head in satisfaction; he then added a little of the mackerel with a piece of the dumpling and tasted both, that’s when the artiste gave the meal full marks.

Nicole had her doubts if Sasco was only being nice to her by giving her full marks because she is his wife, but he was quick to point out that she knew him. She even jokingly asked him if he was scared to taste the meal. Sasco also jokingly responded by saying he prayed before taking the first bite.

However, Agent Sasco seemed shocked by his wife’s cooking skills as he proceeded to ask a woman who was in the house at the time, seemingly their aid if she had anything to do with the preparation of the meal, which prompted laughter from the woman, but Nicole was not that impressed by Sasco’s question.

See the video below:

Agent Sasco Gives Wife Full Marks For Cooking Skills


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