Agent Sasco’s Wife, Nicole McLaren-Campbell And Her Kids Hilariously Try To Cook – Watch Video

Nicole McLaren-Campbell, a renowned entrepreneur and wife of dancehall artiste Agent Sasco, aka Assasin, is not just a master in the business field but also a dedicated mother. In a recent heartwarming moment, Nicole took to social media to stream an adorable cooking session with her children.

The dynamic family set out to prepare a traditional Caribbean dish, fry dumplings and tin mackerel.


Nicole began by gathering all the necessary ingredients, including flour, cold water, salt, and baking powder for the dumplings. However, Nicole, her viewers, and her kids debated whether to add sugar to the dough as it was part of a recipe she was following. She posted the video with the caption below.

While she mixed the ingredients for the dumplings, her children eagerly helped measure and pour the water. The kitchen was filled with laughter and excitement as the little ones enthusiastically got in on the action, which culminated in a beautiful scene for her viewers on her stream.

As the dough for the dumplings rested, Nicole rinsed and prepared the fresh seasons for the mackerel with a flavorful blend of vegetables and spices. Her children hovered nearby, excited to lend a hand; her son did his part by cutting up a large green sweet pepper.

Nicole seemed to be preparing the meal from scratch for the first time in her life based on her reactions to the viewers on her Live suggestions as she struggled to decide which advice to follow. She also hilariously admitted she did not know what she was doing.


Nicole, alongside her children, proceeded to add the raw ingredients to the fire. First up in the pot were the fresh vegetables as they sautéed in the hot oil; Nicole and her daughter, strapped with wooden spoons, stirred the vegetables before adding the mackerel.

Following the culmination of the first dish, Nicole designed her dumplings and added them to a different pot with hot oil. Upon the completion of the fried dumplings, Nicole also fried a plantain, assisted by her daughter.

Due to the absence of Agent Sasco at the time, Nicole was forced to give her ratings without the artiste on the meal, which she gave herself a thumbs up for. However, laughter erupted as one of the phones she was using for the live video dropped and landed in the pot of mackerel.

See the video below:


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