Agent Sasco releasing new Album “Hope River”

[Sharingbuttons]Jeffrey Campbell, Assassin, Agent Sasco a Jamaican artiste on a journey in the very competitive music business for the past 20 years. His new album “Hope River” is different from anything he has ever done before, as he has decided to be independent and different.

This new album was recorded in his personal studio at his home, where he worked whenever he felt like doing so. Added to that he didn’t dj as much as he did when he worked on the previous albums, this album also has a Gospel element in it.


Agent Sasco has become a person who looks at things in a different way now and this will reflect in his music. He is inspired by the fans who told him how some of his songs have encouraged them when they feel down. He is not just doing music just to have more songs out there. He is seeking to please his fans even more now.

In a recent interview, he spoke about not wanting to be signed to a record Label, as he remembers how they wanted him to do what they required, but they didn’t call him at the time they promised to call. He had to push himself to keep on putting out music even when he was forgotten. This experience has caused him to be determined to be independent as he seeks to please his fans more than ever before.

He knows that the competition in the music business is stiff and he is determined to do all he can to stay in the game.

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