Agent Sasco, Wife Nicole and Family Already Enjoying Their Mulberry Estate – See Photos and Video

Monday, December 25, 2023, 12:04 PM

Agent Sasco and his wife Nicole-McLaren Campbell shared images from their adventure on their Mulberry Estate, a stunning property located in northeastern Jamaica. The couple’s love for nature and adventure is evident in these fun-filled captured moments, as they explore the vast beauty of their estate and soak in all that nature has to offer on the property.

But their adventure was not just about enjoying the scenery. Agent Sasco and Nicole are passionate about basking in the natural elements with their loved ones.


As shown in the photos posted by Nicole, the adventurous day was a family and friends event, the youngest members of the Campbell family are seen submerged and enjoying the features the river that surrounds the large property has to offer.

Nicole also posted a video capturing the vibe of the day. Nicole and her three friends were perfectly attired for the occasion as they danced and giggled the day away. She captioned the video, “I think I like this little life and I love these people! They lift me every single time.”

Watch video:

The pictures shared by Agent Sasco and Nicole offer a glimpse into their world of adventure, love, and family. They are not only seemingly living their best lives but also using their successes to inspire and uplift those around them.

Agent Sasco shared photos that captured the beauty of their Mulberry Estate and the joy on the faces of the family.

However, Agent Sasco seemed to be on the meditational side, on this trip to his estate as he sat down and chilled with an elderly man. The oldest daughter of the entertainer also showed off her close bond with her dad as they posed for a smiling selfie with each other.

His daughter also had a taste of the flowing river water.

See the photos below:

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