Aidonia Calls for Unity in Dancehall For The Greater Good of the Music; Uses Himself and Busy Signal as Example

According to Aidonia, only unity can take dancehall forward, and the dancehall hitmaker is leading by example after resolving his differences with reggae\dancehall artiste Busy Signal recently, a bitter musical beef which lasted over a decade.

“That a the way forward fi the music, not fi yuh self every man buss and every man a star in a dem own way and dem own right but for the music its bigger than us it’s bigger than Aidonia it’s bigger than any name you waa call it’s always dancehall and the music before anything yuh nuh so we need fi unite,” Aidonia declared.

Aidonia Interview with Onstage TV

Aidonia gave his suggestion to his colleagues via an interview with Onstage TV; the dancehall star continued his message by stating, “Yuh even see the vibe wid me and Busy, and people love it a wul heap more shockers deh deh fi dem like wul heap more shockers deh deh fi dem cause we been a talk bout, but we ago show dem through action enuh.”

He continues, “dancehall and Jamaica need this we done see wah gwaan a Jamaica and we done see wah gwaan inna world and we as a music we just need fi just unite and show the world the power of dancehall.”

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Continuing his message on unity, Aidonia also sent out a directive to the Jamaican public, stating, “The man dem fi stop kill off the people dem stop kill off the woman dem stop kill off the pickney dem dog stop move like uno nah no sense dog uzimi we need fi wake up dog a Jamaica that Jah-mek-yah one a the best place if not the best place on the earth uzimi, so only people can destroy it a we, man dem need fi wake up dog.”

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See the interview video below:

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