Aidonia Talks Impact of His Only Child Passing “Miss Him Everyday” Plus His Epic Sandz New York Performance – Watch Video

Dancehall star Aidonia speaks on his performance in America at Sandz 2023, the grieving artiste also explained what his son meant to him after his untimely passing due to cancer.

Aidonia outlines his satisfactory relations with the Sandz organizers by stating, “Over the years yuh know a we perform a the most Sandz with money or without money you know, cause we love the brand, we love weh dem represent party and fun and entertainment.”

As Aidonia continued his interview undertaken by Onstage Tv, the entertainer outlined how his son made him a man and tempered his aggression. Aidonia also admitted that he misses his late son every day, and music is the thing that help keeps him going.

The Fresh Drop deejay explained what his son meant to him by saying, “From me son inna belly him kinda change me life, me less aggressive yuh know me think before me act yuh know, me use to just act me think before me act, because me know seh anything at all me do ago affect him and I wanted the best for him, I wanted to be the best man for him, yuh dem deh way deh so love, yuh nuh humility and just a difference.”

Aidonia pointed out that his son’s impact on him continues despite his passing, who is also a fan of his music. “Miss him everyday dog yuh zimi miss everyday me talk to him every day you know dem deh way deh every day me talk to him miss him every day, and nuttin can change that, but him teach me a lot dog and a him deh yah a keep me going because yuh done know seh him was a big a fan, even though me kinda shelter him from the music,” Aidonia outlined.

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In closing, Aidonia also shared a message of unity with his fellow dancehall artistes, pointing to the example of him and Busy Signal squashing their longstanding beef. “We as a dancehall wi need fi unite yuh nuh that a way forward fi the music, not fi yuh self,” Aidonia declared.

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