Aidonia Releases “Faith” Music Video – Watch Video

Still in the process of mourning the passing of his son, Aidonia announced that he would release new music and stated that the song title would be Faith.

The vocals for the song were released a day prior to the video premiere, which noted the singer stringing together melancholic chords mixed with words of affirmation which tells a ‘things must get better’ story. The artiste sings, “It rough yow days hard. Have faith and stay strong, praise Jah, praise God. Joy must come when the tears gone.”


The music video begins with Aidonia talking while the scene flashes between the artiste wearing a full red suit in what seems to be a church and a full white suit walking towards a gazebo in a secluded, wooded area.

Talking about the trials of not being able to trust anyone (whether it be someone as close as your neighbour or a stranger who cooks your meals at a restaurant), the Breeze entertainer countered with the lyrics, “Use faith move mountains, faith move mountains, faith move mountains. heavy blessings count dem, closed doors open, word power, positive words were spoken.”

Still switching between the church scene, and the scene of him in full white, Aidonia is shown standing in the middle of a river with his hands together.

The closing credits of the video featured a reel of photographs of his son Kahlif Lawrence by himself, and other times with either Aidonia or his wife with the caption, “K.A.K.L KAHLIF LAWRENCE 2013-2022.”

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The video has already received over 6 thousand views and almost 2 thousand likes in under an hour of its release.


Watch the music video below:



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