Aidonia Returns with Dark Gothic Music Video for ‘Tree Top’

After making a resurgence with ‘Frsh Drop’ and then ‘Bottles’ dancehall artiste Sheldon Aitana Ricardo Lawrence who is more commonly known as Aidonia has been on a roll dropping his latest musical piece on Thursday night called ‘Tree Top’.

It’s a song about his connection to the streets and his gangster ways. He also used the track to reflect on his passed loved ones, “Dodo Wow” in particular, before outlining his lack of remorse for his enemies, “tell dem f**k peace” he declares in the song.

The music video for ‘Tree Top’ is filled with darkness and bright lights at the same time.

It features the 4th Genna artiste with only a few of his friends hanging out at a location, it also features them driving around in the night as they presumedly went on a crime mission.


Some lyrics, “Weh di weed dawg, deh yah an a pree back.. stay far from dem yeah a me that, like a likkle bird inna the tree top… Tell dem badniss straight yeah a me that.”

‘Tree Top’ was produced by Banga House MG / Haunted Music. Released on February 29, the hardcore grimy dancehall track is expected to dominate the local YouTube trending chart for music soon.

Watch the dark music video below:

One fan watched the new visuals and commented, “Wowww I’m not surprised as I know the talent was always there but wow I thank you for this while we are still alive.”

Another fan also wrote, “Yh aidonia we need our classic artist to lead out more songs like this.”

See some more reactions below:

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