Aidonia returns with “Hey Girl” new Music Video

Dancehall artiste Aidonia releases his third video of the summer, this time it’s a sassy girl song “pretty than the queen a England pan di money” sings Didi Don as he bigs up all the nice and clean girls.

While Aidonia himself is not in the video performing, he appeared at the end to tell everyone on set that the video shoot was over while his prodigy Govana stands beside him.

Aidonia who was absent from the dancehall scene for over 10 months until months ago last month released a video for his song titled “Look”, he also released a collab visual for “YEAH MAN” done by himself and Govana, based on history it’s rare that Aidonia releases two music videos in one month something his fans would love to see more of going forward.

Since “Hey Girl” was released the females have been reacting to it in appositive way, one fan commented “Aidonia is just the greatest”, while another said “King Aidonia & 4th Genna be killin it in da last few months…BEST part of da Coronavirus lockdown…much luv & respect from USA”.

SOME LYRICS “hey girl… when yo pssy good mek mi tell yo weh mi duh fi yo, gi yo money mek yo start up a business… clean body gal undaneat yo nuh dutty”.

Released August 2020, dancehall music genre, Produced by 4th Genna Music / Darshan Records.

Watch full music video below.

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