Alkaline and Bobby Shmurda in Studio Making Music – Video

July 29, 2021

The Vendetta Boss Alkaline is fully in work mood, recently upping his game by taking on more performances with his most recent being “BRT weekend” in New Jersey, where he performed songs off his fresh “Top Prize” album, which was released in May of this year but that is not all as the deejay seems to have more big surprises for his fans.

The new excitement is coming based on a video that has been circulating online, showing the “Yung Lawd”, and previously incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda together vibing in the studio, suggesting that the two might have new music on the way.


Shmurda was released in February of this year after spending 6 years in prison, on weapons and conspiracy charges that placed him behind bars in 2014. At the time he was sentenced, the rapper was one of the biggest names in the industry, popularly known at that time for his huge hit track entitled “Hot Nigga”, which propelled him to unmatched fame.

Since his release, however, fans have been dying to hear new music from Bobby Shmurda but to their disappointment, they have not seen any tracks released as yet but there is pure certainty that when they do drop, they will more than likely be international bangers.

There is a twist, however, as the rapper recently performed at the Rolling Loud festival where he sang unreleased music, but it seems as if some listeners were not feeling him as they took to Twitter, making claims that his career is done.

Regardless though, there are still many fans who are interested in hearing new music from the rapper, and it only gets even more exciting for Shmurda’s Jamaican fans when they recently saw him and Alkaline in the studio together.

Could it be that one of the rapper’s newest songs will be a collaboration with the “Yung Lawd”? If yes, it will certainly be a time of raving for Vendetta fans as that would be a big move for the Jamaican deejay, which might just solidify him as the current leader of the Dancehall genre.

In the video clip that has been circulating online, despite the audio being muted, both artistes can be seen spitting lyrics seemingly on the same riddim back to back with both happy with what they were hearing while smoking, laughing and drinking.


Check them out in the studio below.



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