Alkaline and Vybz Kartel Throwing Shade at Each Other in New Songs?

Friday, January 26, 2024, 6:35 PM GMT-5

Clashes in dancehall are synonymous with January 2024. Two of the biggest names in dancehall over the past 10 years, deejays Vybz Kartel and Alkaline might make their mark before the month ends or to kick off February. Vybz Kartel and Alkaline are known to be rivals, but their feud has been dormant for some time.

As the festivities of January continue, Vybz Kartel dropped a song titled Drag Dem Bat a week ago, and Alkaline apparently responded to the song Thursday night with the release of his single Not A Clone.


Some connections have been made in both songs that strongly indicate that the deejays are throwing subliminals.

One of the shots that were fired in Vybz Kartel’s gangster song consisted of him deejaying, “copy cyah war man, grung yah fall pan.”

Alkaline apparently addressed the “copy” line with the title of his song ‘Not A Clone‘ and added a line that said, “Lucifer appear, and it is not a clone.” Additionally, a line from Alkaline’s grimy song indicates that he is unafraid to end a “scabby” and leave his body in a place for everyone to see.

There is also a line in Vybz Kartel’s song that says his rival has never killed anyone and was only starting trouble, on the other hand, Alkaline also noted that his rival is a troublemaker.

One fan reacted to the potential clash saying, “Kmt. Alkaline still inna d Close Casket from 2017!! Anyway GOK 7 weeks and counting on the Billboard🐊👑,” while another said, “Kartel Yu Flow oldddd who still come a war Wid Slow Song?😭 Kmt Alka Time Now u Nuh See Yu Old Up paps.”

Notably, Kartel also stated that the last person to test him is lost while Alkaline made note that he’s on the road “deh a road” which in Jamaica means one is not locked up.

Listen to Vybz Kartel’s Drag Dem Bat below:

Listen to Alkaline’s Not A Clone below:

See more reactions from fans below:

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