Demarco Calls Out Jaii Frais for Labelling His Clash with Fully Bad Trash – Watch Video

Thursday, January 25, 2024, 1:19 PM

Following the latest episode of the Let’s Be Honest podcast, dancehall artiste Demarco has called out host Jaii Frais for labelling his clash with Fully Bad as “f**kery.”

2024 commenced with an unprecedented series of feuds, controversies, and clashes in dancehall. But before Jada Kingdom, Stefflon Don, Teejay, and Valiant exchanged diss tracks, Demarco and Fully Bad had the sole attention of dancehall fans with regards to clash.


Despite the expectation that the pair would clash on stage in 2023, a face-to-face lyrical showdown did not materialise. Following what some may have deemed a lacklustre culmination of their feud, Demarco’s clash was labelled as “f**kery” by Let’s Be Honest guest Walk & Talk on the podcast’s latest episode.

From left: Walk & Talk and Jaii Frais

Jaii Frais quickly agreed with his guest, describing the clash as the same. Taking offence to Jaii Frais’ description of his feud, Demarco called out the podcast host during a livestream.

While Demarco noted that Jaii Frais was entitled to his opinion, he questioned why he chose to discuss his clash negatively instead of praising all the recent clashes. Demarco also expressed that his clash took work.

“Wi put work into this fi do weh wi a do. And yuh, just come talk bout a f**kery, oh no. Yuh curtain dem a f**kery, yuh lighting dem a f**kery,” Demarco said, criticising Jaii Frais’ podcast set.

The deejay also shaded the podcaster on his Instagram page, adding what appears to be a link to purchase “podcast curtains” in his bio.

Further speaking on Jaii Frais in his livestream, Demarco described him as unprofessional and accused him of being drunk during the episode. Demarco said that despite helping Jaii Frais by giving him advice and providing him with equipment, the podcaster turned against him and used guests to help bring him down.

In regards to Walk & Talk, who first trashed his clash, the artiste said he had no issue with the promotor as that was his regular behaviour. But according to Demarco, Jaii Frais should have known better.

Demarco used the moment to outline that himself and others he clashed with brought the return of dancehall artistes clashing on the same riddim highlighting that this has not been done in a while. He also made note that he and his lyrical rivals helped in making old dancehall riddims become relevant again.

Watch the video below.

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