Laing Wanted to Cancel Sting’s Clash, Says He Sends Artistes On Stage For Lyrical War Not Fist Fight

Friday, December 29, 2023, 10:51 AM GMT-5

Similar to Sting’s 2022 performance, this year’s edition of the event did not go as planned, abruptly ending due to a state of disarray.

 While the disorder witnessed last year was a result of Queenie and A’mari’s fight plus a group of entertainers scrambling to perform before the show’s finale, Sting’s comeback on December 26 was marred by a chaotic brawl that immediately went viral.


Following the fight at Jamworld Entertainment Complex in St. Catherine, Fully Bad, Honormosity, Kyodi and two members of the public were arrested. However, while Kyodi escaped charges, the others were charged with disorderly conduct.

Consequently, January 24th is scheduled for their court appearance in St. Catherine Parish Court.

Speaking on this matter, Sting founder Isaiah Laing told the Jamaica Gleaner quite disheartenedly, “I send artistes out there to have a lyrical battle on stage, not a fist-to-fist fight.”

Laing also explained that he had planned to cancel the clash due to time constraints, which resulted in entertainers such as Spragga Benz, Anthony B, and Tommy Lee not being able to perform.

Additionally, Laing explained, “All now I don’t see the fight. I was sitting in a vehicle when I hear ‘Fight!’. But I think it was happening backstage. Imagine, me a pay homage to the young people dem and dem go fight pon stage.”

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