A’mari Calls Laing And “Kindly” Asks Him to Book Her For Sting 2023 – Watch Videos

Tuesday, December 26, 2023, 7:30 AM GMT-5

Following the announcement by Queenie that she will be making a surprise appearance at Sting 23, her clash opponent from the last staging of the event, A’mari, is profusely seeking to grace the stage as well.

In her effort, A’mari called the promoter of the event, Isiah Laing, which she recorded via video, to get his blessing. However, it did not go as A’mari intended; Laing explained to her the reason why she would not be permitted to work at the event this time round.

“When people cause fight A’mari, when people cause fight we haffi ban dem fi at least a year,” the former senior police officer explained. In response, Amari revealed to Laing that she and Queenie have made peace. Despite her best efforts, Laing was strident in his stance not to permit her to work at the event.

Isiah Laing
Isiah Laing

Instead, Laing proposed a condition for her to be able to appear on the Sting stage, which was to apologise for the actions she took last year.

“Me nuh really want yuh work, all me wuda mek yuh do, come on onstage and apologise, that’s all me wuda want yuh do to the fans, because the fans dem nuh tek yuh lightly, only thing me wuda did do, mek yuh come ge yuh your passes and yuh go on the stage and apologies to yuh fans and if yuh waa ge dem a one song, yuh ge dem a one song and tell dem next year,” Laing declared.

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In another video, A’mari appeared on a video call with popular Sting host, MC Nuffy. A’mari instructed the host to ask Alexia the reason she was not on the billing for this year’s staging of Sting, seeing that he was in communication with the virtual assistant.

Nuffy proceeded to ask the AI software tool, Alexia, “Why Amari is not on Sting?”

According to the software, “Sorry, I don’t know that,” which prompted uncontrollable laughter from both entertainers.

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