Amari Posts Video Accusing LA Lewis of Rape, He Responds to The Allegations

Friday, November 3, 2023, 2:45 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Amari has taken to social media to reveal that she was allegedly sexually violated by LA Lewis. Unable to control her emotions, she did not hold back from disclosing the vivid details of how the alleged assault happened.

In a video circulating the media, an angry and disheartened Amari stated that she was raped by the ‘7 Star General’ while a group of them fell asleep at a video shoot. She went on to say that after it happened, he dared to ask her how she did not feel it, but in her defense, he was “so f*cking tiny” and she was tired.



“And u ask me how the f*ck I didn’t feel it or something… The reason I didn’t feel it is because you’re so f*cking tiny and I’m so f*cking tired”.

Amari further disclosed that LA Lewis even mentioned that he “put oil pan it”. To her surprise, she said that she did not know that his “tiny” package would have so much “juice” as she was extremely wet when she woke.

“Mi not even know seh dat deh tiny tiny tiny winy deh have so much bloodcl**t juice. Dats why yuh get so much bloodcl**t pickney!”

The Neko entertainer revealed that she had to undergo several tests when she returned to the US and thanked that her period had just ended or else she would’ve ended up pregnant.

“Yuh shoulda never bloodcl**t violate, yuh violate my yute,” Amari directed to LA Lewis.

Watch Amari’s video below:


On the contrary, LA Lewis has since responded to the accusations by posting Amari’s video on his social media and promising her that she will be hearing from his lawyer soon.

“U will ear fram my layer in Swislan, how deer u cal d emperor naim. 777777777,” the caption reads.


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