A’mari Says Gully Bop’s Death Hit Her Soul, Fans React by Dragging Her 

Following the news of Robert “Gully Bop” Malcolm’s passing, Dancehall artiste A’mari reflected on their time together and shared how the death has impacted her. 



News of Gully Bop’s death hit the internet Tuesday morning. The details surrounding his passing did not disclose the cause of death, but it was noted that the 59-year-old deejay, who has been struggling with health issues for quite some time, was admitted at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

A’mari, Gully Bop’s former girlfriend, took to social media with a video of herself sharing that his untimely death hit her soul.

“Feel it hit my soul right here, you know,” she said, touching where her heart is.

Watch the video of A’mari below:


Interviews she did with Gully Bob when they were dating were posted to Instagram, during which she professed her love for him and referred to him as her fiancée.

Watch the videos of A’mari and Gully Bop below:


She also shared the Cheater Girls music video they shot together and a couple’s photo. The picture was captioned, “I will always love you!”

However, her posts were met with angry comments from internet users, who instantly started to bash her for her actions in the past. Gully Bop had reached out to the public on multiple occasions for help as he struggled, and social media personality Aunty Donna had called on A’mari and Shauna Controlla (another ex-girlfriend) to assist him.


Following this, A’mari went on a rant, and now, internet users are dragging her for how she reacted. Some are saying she should’ve aided the deejay instead of showing love now.

One social media user said, “And u Neva wah help him kmt stop use the word love cause it have a big meaning behind it kmt,” and another wrote, “You should be ashamed to post this picture when he cry out for help u turn your back and hun smh.”

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