Gully Bop Passed Away

Tuesday, October 31, 2023, 10:11 AM

Dancehall entertainer Gully Bop, given name Robert Lee Malcolm, has reportedly passed away after an extended stay at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) at age 59. The reason for his passing is currently unknown.



It has been public knowledge for quite some time that the entertainer has been struggling with health issues as he has reached out to ask for help on multiple occasions.

The Street Wise artiste was initially hospitalized sometime in 2021 due to blocked tubes and a hernia where he was admitted to the same hospital, KPH, for treatment. The Wuk Offa Mi singer’s name also started to be steeped in a bad light because of various things such as domestic violence allegations, other relationship issues with his kids, and financial problems.

Earlier in the year, the deejay was once again faced with a serious health plight and came forward to ask for help on social media but seemed to have been largely ignored.


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Jamaica’s beloved Aunty Donna had also spoken out about Gully Bop and called on A’mari and Shauna Controlla (Gully Bop’s ex’s) to assist him, to which A’mari had declined, stating that his wife, Deborrah Nicholson, should bare the brunt of that responsibility.

Gully Bop was a household name associated with the songs, Wuk Offa Mi, My God Dem Nuh Bad Like We, and Body Specialist.


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