Gully Bop Requests Help From Aunty Donna Again Amid Fallout, Speaks on Bounty Killer Helping Him – Watch Video

Following Gully Bop’s plea for aid as he struggles with his health, there has been one controversy after the next between those supporting the entertainer and those speaking out against him. Caught in the middle of the ongoing drama was Aunty Donna, whom Gully Bop reached out to for help, but she has since had an online fallout with the pastor who brought him to her.

Despite their disagreement, Gully Bop and pastor Chris Tate are once again requesting help from Aunty Donna. During a live-streamed interview alongside Tate, Gully Bop expressed his anger and frustration towards the people who claimed that Tate brought him to Aunty Donna in an attempt to scam her.


The Body Specialist deejay stated that he took no issue with Aunty Donna saying she would help him but would not collect any money on his behalf.

However, Tate styled her as “wicked” because she should have offered him the same kind of assistance she had given others. According to Tate, the “demon” within her had told her not to. Further expressing his dislike for Aunty Donna, Tate described her donation of $10,000 as small.

“She rejected him with a mangy $10,000. Two time breeze blow the money away [ … ] Breeze blow di money,” Tate stated.


However, Gully Bop shared that he was grateful for the donation, which he used to buy some medical drainage bags, and added that he did not want to get in the middle of Tate and Aunty Donna’s fallout. Pastor Tate went on to suggest that Aunty Donna could purchase the items Gully Bop needs if she did not trust them with the money, but the deejay refused, wishing to spend the money himself.

Further on in the live chat, responding to accusations that he was on drugs, Gully Bop grew irate, lashing out verbally at those alleging he was using cocaine. Gully Bop shared that he was now so sick that he could no longer smoke. “How you know me deh pan drugs? Weh yuh muma de pan? [ … ] mi sick, mi cyah smoke nutn, not even cigarette [ … ] People a look life and a look health and unuh a talk bout coke,” Gully Bop said.

As the interview/live chat slowly deteriorated, with Gully Bob becoming increasingly agitated, Tate abandoned the idea of Aunty Donna helping Gully Bop, sharing the entertainer’s phone number to receive donations. The Kill Dem with Style deejay refused to ask any of his fellow artistes for assistance but shared that he had received help from Bounty Killer. According to Gully Bop, on more than one occasion, the Benz and Bimma deejay had provided him with sufficient money to buy food to last several days.

Watch the video below:


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