Auntie Donna is Now Dr. Donna Marie Gowe

Sunday morning, Auntie Donna took to social media to update her followers about her latest accomplishment via pictures and a statement. The statement started with the following words, “It is now official, our own Auntie Donna is now Dr. Donna Marie Gowe.

It continues, “We watched as she accepted her honorary doctorate, beaming with joy as she walked across the stage. She delivered an incredible speech afterwards. I am sure there are others like myself who have never heard about the Door of Favor Theological Seminary.”


“Nevertheless, one thing is sure, the spirit of the Lord is in that place. It wasn’t just a graduation ceremony, it felt like being in the house of the Lord. From the sermon to the speeches, everything was excellent.”

Auntie Donna is Now Dr. Donna Marie Gowe 1

“We witnessed a remarkable moment when Miss Claudette, of ‘What’s for lunch today? Lasco mackerel and rice’ fame, received her doctorate with an impressive list of accomplishments to her name. Another standout moment was when a lady on crutches proudly received her graduation certificate, proving that disabilities should never hinder one’s dreams.”

The statement from Auntie Donna concluded, “Dr. Donna Marie Gowe, continue to do the wonderful work that you are doing. Now is not the time to give those naysayers notice because they are filled with jealousy and it will not stop.”

Check out her post below, see slide:

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