Aunty Donna Claps Back at Gully Bop’s Pastor, “You A False Prophet” – Watch Video

Radio personality Aunty Donna looks to clear the air as she addresses Gully Bop’s pastor, who she calls a false prophet. This is after the pastor in question made some strong claims against the radio personality; he also issued a few disses towards Aunty Donna, which include calling her fat.

Aunty Donna was quick to dispel the claims made by the pastor via live video; as she puts it, he was a false prophet trying to get financial gain, and she had predicted his current behaviour towards her long ago.


“Now sir me nah go disrespect you like how yuh disrespect me, but God did haffi reveal you to me because two years ago me tell yuh seh yuh a false prophet and it come right back fi see yuh,” Aunty Donna revealed.

The radio presenter claimed that the hatred the pastor was carrying for her originated from her refusal to promote the pastor’s book. Also, she said she noticed something strange with the pastor based on him instructing Gully Bop to spend the money he received from donations on a cell phone.


Aunty Donna wondered why the pastor couldn’t offer Gully Bop a phone; she then answered her own question by saying the reason for him directing the deejay to buy a phone was because the phone was going to bring in the money he could exploit.

Regarding the pastor’s claims about her hygiene and body posture, Aunty Donna responded by stating, “The man seh me a demon and me fat and me fat roll up, sir yuh nuh clean like me, not even yuh tongue weh come out yuh head nuh clean like fi me, ask anybody weh come yah anything weh anybody come yah come do fi me dem caa dweet good like me, caa me know cleanest.”

Based on the controversy stemming from her relations with Gully Bop and others, Aunty Donna says she will discontinue helping adults; she says she will instead focus on helping kids with their school fees to get them into schools.

See the video below:


Watch the pastor’s side of the story below:


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