A’mari Bashes Gully Bop and Aunty Donna Amidst His Health Crisis and Explains Why – Watch Video

A day after outlining on a live chat that Gully Bop was her last real relationship “love”, Amari has used social media again to lash out against the viral deejay and make claims of him having an obeah man posed as a pastor.

In her latest rant, Amari aka DJ Mona-Lisa took aim at Aunty Donna who mentioned her name as one of Gully Bop’s ex-girlfriends who should be helping towards his needs. A’mari also pointed out that Gully Bop did not do enough for her while they were together for her to now go out of her way to help him.


“Weh di blxxdclaat yuh a call up mi name fah Donna […] Donna do not call mi name,” A’mari angrily states before detailing that she is over with Bop and has moved on to better things. She also expressed that she got back her “young life”.

Further on in the chat, A’mara declares the real reason for her rant, stating that she called Gully Bop’s pastor who turned out to be a “obeah man”. According to A’mari, the pastor told her that he gave Gully Bop a “deliverance bathe” but it was unsuccessful.

Watch her rant below:


A day ago Gully Bop appeared in a video along with a man said to be his pastor requesting help towards basic needs, medication and daily necessities. According to the pastor, his church is called El Shaddai Prophetic Ministry, and his church recently helped Gully Bop to receive surgery

Auty Donna was the one recording the video of Gully Bop and in the video she called on A’mari, Shauna Chin and others to assist the ill deejay.


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