Gully Bop’s Daugther Lashes Out at Him Without Pity Admist His Health Scare, Says Her Dad Doesn’t Have Any “Ambition” – Watch Video

The daughter of Gully Bop had nothing positive to say about her father as she addressed the deejay’s current situation. Gully Bop’s daughter says her father was too hyped, uncharitable, and disrespectful towards his family in his moments of glory.

Gully Bop, as shown in a viral video is currently seeking help from the public to combat his health scare. In response to the public attention his situation has garnered, his daughter says he should be asking Shauna Chin and Amari for help because they are the ones he spent his money on.


The disgruntled female said that if she was a doctor caring for Gully Bop, she would have given him a ‘good good’ injection based on how he treats nurses and doctors at the hospital, his mother, kids, and others. Gully Bop’s daughter also details the lack of good deeds he has done following his success in music.

“You have you mother a Grantspen, yuh doh seh alright then me buss mek me help out me mother, yuh nah fi help we out enuh cause we a big people, same likkle boy weh buss yuh, yuh nuh help him, weh yuh come from? Grantspen, yuh nuh seh alright then wen yuh did just buss mek yuh keep a likkle treat fi them keep likkle something fi the people dem no yuh nuh do that yuh hype and show off and yuh boasy,” Gully Bop daughter revealed.

In closing off her rant, the female says Gully Bop should not come back online talking about his children because he has none, as she disowned him because of his disrespectful nature and not helping out his family.

See the video below:


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