Mr. Vegas Highlights Gully Bop’s ‘Dirty Ways’ and Tells Story about Trying to Help Him – Watch Video

Sunday, August 20, 2023, 2:20 PM GMT-5

As dancehall artistes, fans, and everyone else connected continue to give their views on the current health scare surrounding entertainer Gully Bop. Mr. Vegas has decided to add his voice; the controversial artiste/social media personality didn’t hold anything back as he details his history with Gully Bop.

Vegas began his story via live video by explaining that he knew Gully Bop long before his fame and fortune. In fact, Vegas shared with his audience that Gully Bop’s initial artist name was “Larky Pang”. Vegas also revealed that Gully Bop shaped his musical journey.


“Gully Bop was original Larky Pang, and then dem change him name no to Country Man wen him start Sting work and dem thing deh fi Laing Dem […] But mek me tell yuh bout the Larky Pang now. As a likkle youth a go a Oberlin me learn nuff likkle flow back inna dem time deh from Larky Pang”, Vegas revealed.

Gully Bop

Vegas continued his story as he described how his once-friendly relationship with the entertainer turned sour. He explained how he tried to help Gully Bop after years of not seeing him by encouraging him to open a bankbook account and manage his finances properly.

Following the reunion, Vegas says he did not hear from Gully Bop for a long time. The Bruk It Down singer then explains what happened afterwards. 


“When me look me see Larky Pang a deal wid me wicked, “batty man Vegas,” ‘ray ray ray’, and me a seh nuh good good larky Pang that weh carry me go a music mountain and used to deejay from Stony Hill go all the way up a music mountain and me a learn from Larky Pang how fi deejay,” Vegas stated.

Vegas said Gully Bop’s reaction was a response to a video he made saying Gully Bop should get help if he was struggling with drug addiction, following rumours enunciating Gully Bop was on cocaine.

Since that incident, Vegas says he has cut all ties despite their long shared history.

“Yuh see when you a try help somebody and dem decide seh dem waa class yuh up and disrespect yuh, one day dem ago look back pon dem disrespect deh or me ago deh yah fi remind yuh,” Vegas concluded.

See the video below:


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