Mr. Vegas Tells Minister Hall That She Should Have Requested 2 Million to Build Hospital or School Instead of Church

Veteran dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas whose real name is Clifford Smith has given his two cents on the matter of Minister Marion Hall requesting two million US to build a church. According to the Heads High hitmaker, two million “kinda sound away” and “outlandish”, he went on to outline that requesting two million in donations will turn off a lot of people.

While giving advice, Mr. Vegas suggested that Hall should have asked for the money to “build a hospital” declaring that she would have a better chance to even get “twenty thousand” towards the proceedings, further on in the livechat he also suggested that Hall asks for the money to build a “school”.


He continued, expressing that Hall will “struggle” to get two million in donations. “Yuh know seh people ago beat yo, people ago push back” he outlined as he continued to express how the endeavour comes off as disingenuous.

“Inna my view you affi start small anuh,” Vegas stated before recounting that “nowadays people nah guh a church again.” He then went on to talk about others who build their church from a tent and crusades. Vegas continued by detailing that Hall should have planned the endeavour from a longer time and she should have used some of the money paid to her by Reggae Sumfest to “buy piece a land” to start the church.

Vegas also agrees that Masrion Hall loves to praise and worship hence it’s something that she should invest in, “if you believe inna it so much yuh affi tek yo own money and invest inna it,” he outlines.

Watch the chat below


Minister Hall, formerly Lady Say had requested the donations a little over a week ago and presented a GoFundMe campaign page for potential donors to contribute through. However, days later, Hall removed the posts she had posted on social media and highlighted that she did so because of the heavy backlash she has been getting since requesting the huge donation to build a church.

In a direct message to her critics, Marion Hall stated, “I also have a message for the people who been criticizing me about my goals and vision for the ministry God gave me. Here it is. WATCH GOD, DO IT.”


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