Mr. Vegas Talks About His Son Being Molested, Man Says Its A Lie – Listen Audio, Watch Video

After dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas blasted a man online who he labelled a child molester, he returned to the internet with more details on the situation. The deejay first shared a voice recording from the man, who was telling a different story than what Mr. Vegas told.

The man, Vanni, spoke out about being innocent of the allegations in the recording. He also shared that the story behind what happened actually began with him discovering Vegas’ son having sex with a boy. This reportedly led to him receiving payments to keep the matter a secret.


“Him a talk bout molest him son, nuting at all nuh go so. A bay idiotness dem a talk,” he said. “From we a young yout bro, when mi a bout 12 and him a bout eight deh way deh…di wull a mi dawg dem can testify fi mi cause dem know bout it…we ketch fi him son and one likkle yout inna di bush… After we ketch dem now di dog offer mi one money and him use to give me some money fi don’t talk all di while… so we use to keep it fi dem secret,” said the accused.

In the caption of the post, Mr. Vegas wrote, “The predator said he caught two children in a bush “a fcuk”, and they offered to pay him not to talk! Was this the same bush that you held dem down and r*ped them when my SON was 7? Keep talking! We are NOT hiding. You will not touch another child!”

Listen the audio below:


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Mr. Vegas also went on an Instagram live stream, explaining that three months ago, he found out that his son, CJ, was molested. Vegas hinted that when he reached out to Vanni, he initially wanted to kill Vanni but could not locate his licenced gun.

“A part a mi still wah go, yuh know… But mi cyah find mi license. Mi a search down di house and can’t…So mi go anyway,” Mr. Vegas said.

According to Vegas, the man confessed to him that he molested his son at 13, indicating that they were only kids at the time. It was after that confession that Vegas went live stream and started recording the man, who no longer wanted to speak after seeing the camera.

Watch the video of Mr. Vegas below:


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