A’mari Says she “NEVA get a Wuk offa” Gully Bop “Cause him Manhood Dead”; Stirring Great Controversy

In dancehall music, only a few artistes have managed to capture the attention and imagination of the public as A’mari does.

Since the recent plea for assistance by Aunty Donna to save Gully Bop and the controversies that arose, A’mari is now back in the spotlight and has become a force to be reckoned with within the digital sphere.


Her latest move? A daring and unabashed Instagram post that has once again set tongues wagging and screens buzzing. The dancehall sensation, known for her hit track “Neko,” has proven again that she’s not afraid to speak her mind and capitalize on the power of social media.


Her latest Instagram post is no exception, as she throws a direct jab at her former flame, Gully Bop. The post reads, “Mi neva get a wuk offa him cause him manhood was dead.”

See a photo of the post below:

Amari's Post


This provocative statement has its roots in both personal history and dancehall culture. The phrase “wuk offa him” is a clever play on words taken from Gully Bop’s lyrics in the song “Pussy Specialist,” where he boasts, “Every gal want a wuk offa mi.” Amari’s wordplay showcased her wit and demonstrated her prowess in wielding language to create impact.

See a photo of Amari and Gully Bop below:

Amari and Gully Bop

Predictably, her legion of followers and curious onlookers descended upon her Instagram post like bees to honey. The comments section had a mix of laughter, applause, and a bit of backlash. Some users found humour in her candid and unfiltered approach, showering her post with laughing emojis and praising her for not mincing her words.


See some of the comments below:

Amari's Comments

However, not everyone was quick to offer applause. Critics labelled the artiste as a “clout chaser,” accusing her of using controversies and spicy posts to stay relevant in a fast-paced digital landscape.

See more of the comments below:

Amari's Comments


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