Amari Argues on Live with Her Daughter, Says She Slept With Her Producer, “Am gon’ stab her up” – Watch Video

Dancehall recording artiste Amari and her daughter, Destiny, were at the centre of a spat over the weekend. The mother-daughter quarrel apparently stemmed from allegations that Destiny and Amari’s producer had sexual relations.

The dispute erupted over Amar’s live stream, which showed the two in a heated argument that turned physical. During the live stream, Amari and Destiny were yelling at each other, with Amari accusing her daughter of sleeping with her producer, Kemar, and ruining her business affairs.

“Why would you come to Florida with Amari and drinking with Kemar, and you don’t know what the f**k he put in the liquor? You’re low class,” Amari said as Destiny screamed at her about being in Florida for work.

The argument escalated to a point where Amari’s foot was seen on Destiny’s neck, pinning her to the wall. Destiny screamed, telling Amari to release her, and the singer told her daughter to leave the hotel room while urging her viewers to call the police. Amari also said she would stab her daughter, “am gon’ stab her up…” and went searching for a knife while Destiny dared her to do it.

According to Amari, she was at the studio recording when her daughter and her producer disappeared for three hours. Later, Destiny said she lost an eyelash and wanted to search for it with the producer.

Amari also shared that she has nowhere to go because of the situation and she wanted to go home. Based on the information, it seemed that Kemar flew them to Florida for Amari to work. However, with the alleged affair causing complications, Amari said she now has lodging issues. Furthermore, DJ Mona Lisa said that Kemar’s wife assumed she was the mistress and was no longer speaking to her.

As the video continued, the two argued about the producer. Amari said that Kemar claimed that Destiny told him something about Amari to turn him against her. Amari subsequently called him a “manipulator.”

Watch the video of Amari and Destiny below:


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