Amari Threatens to Sue Shenseea… Says Spice Copied Cop Stunt – Video

Tuesday, August 10, 2021, 12:33 AM

DJ Mona Lisa, popularly known as Amari, is not happy with Shenseea and took to her Instagram with a video to address the matter.

The self-proclaimed Dancehall Empress is saying that Shenseea is not an innocent girl as she has done several things to upset her to the extent that she decided that she will be filing a lawsuit against the “Blessed” singer.


As a precursor another main point Amari says Shenseea is responsible for stealing people’s man with businessman Romeich being one of her victims, only ending up embarrassing her as he went back and got his girlfriend pregnant. For those actions and more Dj Mona Lisa is calling the “Shengyeng” leader, a “sneaky pussycat”.

Before hitting her main point, the Dancehall Empress went on to launch more attacks on the more popular female entertainer by stating that she stole her song entitled “Run Run”, because of the different elements of music embedded in its construction that was adopted from other tracks.

What Amari has a problem with, however, is a story post she claimed that Shenseea made showing the old viral video of the “Nico”, singer and her ex-boyfriend in bed, whilst playing “Run Run” as the background music.

For that, Dj Mona Lisa has accused Shenseea of looking views while stating that is something she does not do since she is already popular. The entertainer went on to state that the “Lighter” singer has been living off her name since last year, even going to the extent of doing a rendition of her hit track, and sending friends to tell her that Shenseea would have sung it better.

In an upset mood, Amari stated that the female songstress has no ratings for her and since that is the case, she should not have made the post and she will be drafting up a lawsuit to deal with the matter.

The Dancehall Empress also stated that Shenseea’s song “Run Run”, will not last due to her character and even went to the extent of comparing the now internationally famed track with one of her latest tracks entitled “Rise Dutty Bungle”, claiming the latter to be more longstanding in quality.

In the live chat, Amari called out Spice for using fake cops for a publicity stunt, copying what she did in the past, getting her kids locked up by police after working “Obeah”.

Watch Amari’s chat below.

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