Gully Bop’s Son ‘Neko’ Gives Reasons Why He Is Reluctant to Visit his Father Amidst Health Crisis

Son of Gully Bop, Neko, also known as 1NE Bop, speaks on his estranged relationship with his dad in an interview. While the entertainer is currently seeking financial assistance, Neko says that Gully Bop’s previous ungratefulness towards his children will hinder any potential help he might receive from them – regardless of the current health situation.

“The last time him deh inna hospital me and you[interviewer] do an interview, me go look fi him and when him come out a hospital him seh nobody nuh come look fi him, so right now fi him ungrateful behaviour a doh feel like me a go look fi him dah time yah,” Neko declared.


After recalling previous encounters he had with his dad, Neko outlines that their thin relationship seems to have vanished once more. In response to the interviewer’s question about him taking the high road, seeing that Gully Bop is his father regardless, Neko said the following:

“Me go down the road weh him deh and pass him and blow the horn and him nuh answer, me go over cross the road inna bar, me uncle in law buy me a one special and we deh their an a drink an a easy and a reason, and him seh ‘yow me ago call over him you father man’ so him call him cross the road and him come cross, him look pon Gully Bop and him seh ‘you know da man deh’ and Gully bop seh ‘no’ him nuh know me.”

Neko continued to explain why those instances with his father are the main reasons behind their estranged relationship. He then revealed that Gully Bop has been receiving help over the years, but his usage of money he received from donations and family members is unacceptable. As he puts it, he keeps spending the money on ‘white pickney’.

“Gully Bop get 20 grand today by this evening that done and yuh nah see waa Gully Bop buy a just white pickney him keep on a spend the money pon over and over again, see him sick deh and still live pon the white pickney so me waa uno know seh Gully Bop nuh in need a no help, a rehab him fi go,” Neko declared.

See the video below:


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