“Laing nuh pay me!” Demarco Says He Won’t Be At Sting 2023 Plus Ready to Collab With Shane O, Fully Bad And Kyodi – Watch Video

Friday, December 22, 2023, 6:17 AM

Demarco seems to have shifted his focus away from the warpath he was on, as the entertainer reveals that he won’t be making an appearance at this year’s staging of Sting. According to the Dancehall John Wick artiste, his demanded appearance fee of six million has not been met by the promoter of the event, Isaiah Laing.

“Yeah man Laing nuh pay me enuh, me nuh get nuh money enuh, me nuh get nuh money fam, so I won’t be at Sting,” Demarco disclosed via a video.

Demarco on live

In his revelation, Demarco stated that instead of him Kyodi would be clashing Fully Bad at Sting. He went on to disclose that his bet is on Fully Bad to win the clash at Sting 23. Demarco continued by praising Fully Bad for his role in the entertaining lyrical clash between the two.  

See the flyer for the clash at Sting 2023 Below:

However, after the event, Demarco says both artistes should squash the musical beef and collaborate with him to produce some meaningful songs. Demarco also included his latest clash opponent, Shane O, in his quest for unity.

The entertainer told the viewers on his Instagram Live to tag Shane O so they could link up and collaborate on a song. 


In closing, Demarco showed off his certified gold plaque and said his aim going forward is to get more similar accolades through his craft. 

Demarco on the Dutty Money Riddim

During the live chat, Demarco had a phone call with one of his friends who asked him about voicing on the Dutty Money Riddim. Demarco had stated recently that he would be releasing a song on the riddim regardless of Rvssian’s authorization, however, he did not release a song last week as he earlier stated he would.

Talking on the riddim, Demarco seemed to be in a dilemma about voicing the riddim because he’s sceptical about Rvssian’s approval. Demarco went on to state that if he voices a song on the trending riddim and Rvssian dont release his song, he will resort to making over the riddim himself, starting a riddim clash.

See the video below:

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