Renee 6:30 Shows X-Rated Picture of Demarco, “The man that right deh suh a do the things dem” – Watch Video

Saturday, December 16, 2023, 3:59 AM

Multi-talented entertainer Renee 6:30 gives more details on her intimate and business relationship with dancehall artiste Demarco. Renee 6:30 did not hold anything back as she brought her receipt to expose Demarco, in response to the entertainer declaring that he has multiple videos of her.

Fresh from releasing her DEMARSHA diss track aimed at the Love My Life singer, Renee sat down for an interview to continue from where she left off in the firey track by launching several other disses.


According to Renee, Demarco is selfish and greedy, his manhood is small and he’s very disrespectful to others.

Demarco Claps Back at Renee 6:30
Demarco vs. Renee 6:30

According to Renee, the latter was the reason she penned the diss track, as she refuted claims that the song was written by dancehall hitmaker Shane-O. Renee outlined that because the song was so well put together people find it hard to believe that Shane O was not the sole creator.

However, the interview done at The Fix went up a notch after Renee was pressed to reveal the compromising footage she claimed she had of Demarco which prompted shock and disbelief from the hosts. Notably, viewers were not shown the footage.

In response to the disbelief from the hosts, who were in stitches from excessive laughter, Renee stated, “Yuh nuh see the likkle bleach out, memba seh dem time deh him used to bleach out him hair pon the top, yuh nuh see it a while ago, come like yuh nuh see it seh a the man that right deh suh a do the things dem. Memba him hungry and him love him belly.” 

She also strongly dismissed Demarco’s claims that he had several videos of her. “God come an bruk me neck right yah so now me sure seh nuh video nuh deh deh, see it deh me nuh see nuh lightning strike yet,” Renee declared.

See the video below:

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