Shane O Speaks on Demarco, Sting, “Wicked” Artistes in Jamaica, and Ghostwriting – Watch Interview

Friday, December 15, 2023, 7:25 PM

Following accusations made by dancehall artiste Khapital that he used him as a ghostwriter, Shane O has dismissed any notion that he did not write his hit tracks and discussed his ongoing lyrical feud with Demarco, Sting, and wicked artistes in Jamaica.

Amid an exchange of diss tracks between Shane O, Demarco, Kyodi, and Fully Bad, Khapital released his track Ghost Writer in November.


In the single, Khapital alleged that he was a ghostwriter for Shane O, and the artiste had cut him off because he would not write a diss track for him to target Demarco. Khapital went on to state during an interview on The Fix podcast that he had written approximately 12 songs for the artiste, including his single with Vybz Kartel and Sivva, Millenium Gallis.

In a subsequent interview on The Fix, Shane O addressed Khapital’s accusations and was adamant that his most successful singles were solely written by him. The artiste explained that while Khapital has some lines for some of his songs, he has never provided him with a complete single. Shane O also dismissed claims that Khapital was not compensated and said that he even purchased medication for the deejay, as he reportedly suffers from seizures.

“Dont figet dem good tings deh mi g [ … ] since talk yuh wah wi talk, yuh tax mi every day bro. And yah seh wi neva compensate yuh. Every song or line weh yuh gi mi di man dem weh produce it yuh nuh guh link dem and giu dem yuh name,” Shane O Stated.

Shane O speculated that Demarco was the mastermind behind Khapital’s accusations and was paying him to make the claims.

Making his own accusations, Shane O accused Demarco of using Khapital to write his recent diss tracks. The Dark Room deejay went on to speak on the “wicked” artistes in Jamaica and said they are afraid of his potential.

Shane O went on to share that he has faced many challenges throughout his career and was recently pulled from a performance due to gatekeeping. 

However, Shane O explained that he uses those difficulties to inspire his music. Discussing the upcoming staging of Sting, Shane O expressed that he is not currently interested as they did not reach out to him initially when putting together their lineup. The deejay also disclosed that he has not yet received full compensation for last year’s staging.

Watch the interview below.

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