Demarco Calls Out Laing and Takes Aim at Shane O in New “6 Mil” Song ft. Producer Ajal – Listen Audio

Demarco’s $6 million request to “make Jamaica great again” with a fascinating Sting clash against fellow deejay Fully Bad at Jamworld in Portmore on December 26 attracted mixed reactions. While some stood in solidarity with Demarco’s booking fee, some people, such as popular selector Foota Hype, criticised him for overcharging.

In light of the backlash and the assumption that his fee is an escape tactic to avoid a clash, Demarco dropped a diss track on Friday entitled 6 Mil featuring Producer Ajal for the naysayers. In the gangster track, the Fallen Soldier deejay took shots at Foota Hype and Shane O.


As he proved that he is lyrically inclined, Demarco urged Sting founder Isaiah Laing to run the US $38,000 “chump change.”

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“6 Mil, everthing a dut, a quick killl, mek a clip spill, dem nah nuh duppy, flick nill. Glock chip still, rise up the thirty wid skill, skill. Everything a kick di bucket, bitch bill,” he deejayed in the first verse.

Targeting fellow dancehall artiste Shane O, he said, “Mi hear some bwoy a talk tough, what yuh saying bro? Stay inna yuh lane, bro. Coppa change skin colour like yuh chain bro.”

Shortly after, Foota Hype was called out with a warning as Demarco told him that he “don’t want no smoke.” Of course, his rival and potential clash contender Fully Bad took a hit in the grimy track as well, as Demarco dissed him for having “granny teeth.”

Listen to Demarco’s 6 Mill track below:

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