Fully Bad Gives Details on Foota Hype Fallout, Demarco War, Kyodi, Sting 2023 etc – Watch Interview

Thursday, November 30, 2023, 6:48 AM

St. Andrew dancehall entertainer Fully Bad who is currently in Canada is making the most of the wave he has been on since the lyrical dancehall clash with iconic dancehaller Demarco. The entertainer is currently in the foreign country for work and took some time out to address several questions in an interview.

Fully Bad who was brought into dancehall by Selector Foota Hype explains his issues with Foota Hype and Kyodi. Noting that he was the one who taught Kyodi the dancehall game, he went on to highlight that Foota Hype at first did not like Kyodi, however, switched up and started supporting Kyodi since they parted ways.


According to Fully Bad, Foota Hype is “biggest corruption in music” because of his actions towards him over the years.

With regards to what caused the fallout with Foota Hype? Fully Bad detailed that while working with Foota Hype he did not see much growth in his career other than having a name. Fully Bad went on to recall a particular event they went to in Mobay, Sumfest Street Dance. According to Fully Bad, at the event, his brother and Foota Hype’s brother got into a heated argument and since that night they stopped seeing eye to eye.

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In the interview with Entertainment Report Podcast, Fully Bad outlined that despite the fallout he did not disrespect Foota Hype over the years, however, things changed recently when Foota Hype intentionally shunned him during the Deamrco clash, instead of supporting Fully Bad outlines that Foota Hype decided to put Kyodi against him.

Notably, recently Fully Bad disrespected a foe online, telling the person about his mother and warned that he would give “headshot” to any gatekeeper who wants to hold down his career, this statement according to fans was intended for no other than Foota Hype.

As it relates to Demarco and Sting 2023, Fully Bad outlines that he is booked for Sting 2023, however, he is unsure of a clash because Demarco is demanding six million dollars which is yet to be agreed upon by Sting organizers.

Fully Bad also expressed his respect for Demarco and praised him for entering the lyrical war which helped his career a lot.

Watch the full interview below:

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