Demarco Talks His Musical Journey, Foota Hype, Sting Demands, Fully Bad and Kyodi – Watch Interview

Standing Solider artiste, Demarco, reveals how his troubled past led him to focus fully on his musical aspirations as he details his journey into music. The entertainer also talks about his present buzz in dancehall, which includes his lyrical battle with fellow artistes Fully Bad and Kyodi, as well as his Sting demands.

Demarco says he started in the music business in the early 2000s by making beats and writing songs for various artistes while he was living in the USA. He seemingly dismissed Foota Hype’s claim that he was the one who ‘Bussed him in the streets’ as he revealed how he got his break in dancehall music as a recording artiste.


The entertainer in his interview with Entertainment Report Podcast, said upon his travel to Jamaica, in the space of two years, he got his ‘buss’. He paid his respect to Kurt Riley for playing his song Falling Solider on the radio for around 45 minutes in his slot, and he also credited Little Richie for bussing him on the streets, which propelled his career and cemented his place in dancehall music.

Now, in the year 2023, the entertainer is currently engaged in a lyrical battle with both Fully Bad and Kyodi, which he engineered because he wanted to exercise his lyricism, according to the Love My Life singer.

As it relates to his Sting demand of six million for his appearance, Demarco says he is not budging on that figure because he is the man behind the lyrical clash that has been getting attention locally and internationally.

However, Demarco said he is only interested in a showdown with Fully Bad if he gets the money he has demanded from Sting promoters. He explained why he would not continue his clash with Kyodi by stating, “Him need fi go one side just because a Footisha (Foota Hype) him haffi go one said, them caa get no highlight offa me again. Fully we a deal wid.”

He went on to address Foota Hype’s claim that he played a part in the success of his career, as he revealed that he was the one who helped Foota Hype by doing a song with his ex-wife Ishawna upon Foota’s request.

See the full interview below:

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