Demarco and Foota Hype Trade Insults Online Over $6 Million Sting Fee – Watch Videos

Thursday, November 23, 2023, 3:37 PM GMT-5

Following Demarco’s declaration that he will only clash at the upcoming 2023 staging of Sting if he is paid a $6 million fee, the artiste and sound system selector Foota Hype have exchanged insults online, with Foota Hype criticising Demarco for his pricey demand.

Sting is known and beloved for its clashes. Following the release of diss tracks by Demarco and Fully Bad, Sting founder Isaiah Laing quickly began negotiating a deal to have both artistes face off on stage. However, while Laing has already secured Fully Bad, he is yet to secure Demarco, whose sights are set on a $6 million payday.

Since announcing his clash fee, Demarco has received backlash from a number of dancehall fans who have deemed the price ridiculous.

Foota Hype took to social media to voice his outrage and questioned why Demarco had previously declared that he wanted to clash as he had not returned Laing’s phone calls or agreed to perform at Sting. Foota Hype suggested that Demarco is clout-chasing and using younger artistes to garner attention, such as Kyodi, whom he has also been feuding with. The selector went on to suggest that Demarco’s demands for $6 million were a form of strategy to get out of the clash because he is afraid.

“A suh dem love ova price when dem fraid. A das why dem a mash up Sting from when because dem a ova price tru dem fraid. Mek wi bo*clt realistic, if Demarco want $6 million, fi Sting a fraid him fraid,” Foota Hype stated.

Addressing the backlash during a live stream, Demarco clapped back at Foota Hype and other critics for suggesting that he is not worth the hefty fee and highlighted his contributions to dancehall.

“Yuh know how much me put ina dancehall? [ … ] Yuh know how much big riddim mi build bout yah? Yuh know how much song mi write? Yuh Know how much hits mi mek round yah? A want to you Foota Dyke? Weh yuh do, yuh eva win a clash? You’s just Ishawna baby fada,” Demarco stated.

Demarco questioned if people want him to perform at Sting for free and said that he was not fully compensated for his performance at Sting 2014. The Lazy Body deejay added that Jamaican artistes are being insufficiently paid by local promoters, who are more than happy to pay hefty fees for international entertainers.

Watch the video below.

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