Fire Links Tells Story About Foota Hype Allegedly Forcing Himself Onto Ishawna and That She Initially Wanted to Meet Mavado

Following Foota Hype’s recent comments about Fire Links after their viral encounter at an event, saying that it was from long ago, Fire Links did not like him. Living up to his outspoken dancehall selector profession, Fire Links has hit back hard, chronicling Foota Hype’s hate for him and more.



According to Fire Links, he was unknowingly blamed for mashing up his fellow selector’s life, as Foota Hype spent his last funds to buy a BMW car to follow in the footsteps of Fire Links. The veteran selector also played a voice note of Foota’s ex-wife to seemingly confirm his claims.

“Foota, on the other hand, he went behind my back, and he decided to buy a BMW for the sake of the hype and the sake of looking good in front of dancehall when a nuff days we don’t even have food inna we fridge,” Ishawna declared in a voice recording which was taken from her interview on the matter from years ago.

However, Fire Links’s revelations on Foota Hype did not end there, as he made more stunning claims against the Viral King. Fire Links said Foota Hype had a habit of forcing himself on females, and he says numerous females complained about his ways.

Fire Links continued by stating this was also the case with Ishawna and Foota Hype, Fire Links claims that the child they have together was brought into the world via (wul down), rumoured rape.

foota hype ishawna

According to him, Ishawna was initially interested in meeting dancehall artiste Mavado, but Foota derailed her request by forcing himself onto her.

“Force on himself pon the girl the first time it happen a so the dawg youth forward enuh allegedly, how the youth ah feel fi know seh is a wul dung bring him so is one a the wul dung one dem bring him allegedly, hombre have some style enuh weh the females dem complain bout enuh,” Fire Links outlined.

See the video below:


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