Foota Hype Gives Tony Matthorn Advice After Wife’s Online Rant; Matthorn Seemingly Reacts to Wife – Watch Videos

Following Tony Matterhorn’s wife’s online rant, during which she alleged that he had abandoned her and their child after multiple affairs, Foota Hype has reacted to his fellow selector’s marital woes and offered some advice.

Matterhorn’s wife, Shanice “Bella” Taylor, accused the Jamaican selector of marrying and manipulating her to attain his American citizenship. During her live stream, Taylor not only verbally attacked Matterhorn but his mother, Miss Maggie, as well. Reacting to Taylor’s accusations in a live stream on Tuesday, Foota Hype shouted out Matterhorn and spoke about the matter briefly. Foota Hype advised Maggie to keep calm and not follow the story that was being spread.


Foota Hype expressed that people would see what the qualities of a good woman were and what they were not. Citing his own experiences with his exes speaking about him on social media, the selector said a good woman would not choose to come on social media and embarrass herself.

Advising Matterhorn’s mother once again to stay away from the online drama, Footah Hype stated that Miss Maggie should leave Taylor to say whatever she wanted as the truth would eventually be revealed. Foota Hype went on to share his belief that a woman’s true character is determined by how she reacts under pressure.


Matterhorn has not directly spoken out about his wife’s allegations but seemingly addressed the issue on social media, sharing a snippet of one of his songs with the lyrics,

“Never worry about what people say because I’m giving. Standing by the sidelines and your slandering my name, that won’t stop my game.”

Matterhorn went on to share a video collage of the various countries he has travelled to, seemingly dismissing any notion that he needed assistance to travel.

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