Demarco Blasts Renee 6:30, Says He Regrets Making ‘Puppy Tail’, “Yuh Need Fi Be Independent!” – Watch Video

Demarco blasts dancer\artiste Renee 6:30 in his response to her recent revelations that he did not take her on tour, he did not help her to get a visa and conned her out of earnings from his hit song Puppy Tail. While addressing the matter, the Falling Soldier singer says he was not obligated to take her on tour just because he did a song and named it after one of her dance moves, Puppy Tail. 

Check out Renee’s earlier statements below:


According to the multitalented deejay, “Here waa gwaan me can go sing a song after any dance right now, but that does not mean seh me haffi carry yuh go any weh, me nuh haffi do that me nuh obligated, one dance out deh anybody can sing bout it, don’t it? ano like seh me and you sit down and pencil out and create summin’, me hear bout summin’ and mi sing bout it so that nuh mean seh me haffi do everything fi you.”

Demarco also points out that his song gave her dance the highlight, and she should have capitalized on the buzz. In regards to the tour, Demarco says he doesn’t travel with dancers because he doesn’t have a lot of dancing songs. 

The entertainer continued his interview by suggesting that Renee 6:30 should be “independent” and not be a leech, seeking a handout. The artiste also dismissed Renee’s assertion that he went on a Puppy Tail tour.

“Me Demarco go pon a Puppy Tail tour, you mussi fucking mad, me go pon a tour name Puppy Tail no weh inna the world you caa find that,” he declared.

See the video below:

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