Renee 6:30 Takes Aim at Demarco on New Diss Track “Demarsha” – Listen Audio

December 11, 2023 6:10 PM

After being reportedly shunned by Demarco, dancer and artiste Renee 6:30 has taken aim at the deejay in her new single, Demarsha.

The track follows an interview with Demarco, during which the Fallen Soldiers deejay hit back at accusations made by Renee 6:30 that he had excluded her from the success of his single Puppy Tail, which was inspired by her dance of the same name. Noting that he was not obligated to do anything for the dancer, Demarco advised Renee 6:30 not to be a leech.


Demarco also made disparaging mention of her in at least one of his recent diss songs aimed at Shane O, Kyodi and Fully Bad.

The dancer, born Renee Natasha McLean, apparently has not taken kindly to Demarco’s suggestion that she was looking for a handout. Joining the likes of Shane O, Fully Bad, and Kyodi, Renee 6:30 has taken aim at the artiste, releasing her diss track Demarsha on Monday.

Demarsha cover art

Known for songs such as My Body, 6:30 showcases her more aggressive side on Demarsha. The song’s lyrics and visuals, which depict Demarco as the elderly female character Madea, call into question his sexuality and authenticity as a deejay, outlining that he uses Auto-Tune.

“Broke and hungry, and a beg Laing a ting. Not even worth a mill; Auto-Tune a mek yuh sing. And a seh yuh want six mill fi chat shit a Sting,” Renee 6:30 sings on the diss track.

Listen to the song below.


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