Demarco Claps Back at Renee 6:30 Seemingly Threatens to Release X-Rated Videos, “Yuh know how much video me have a yuh”- Watch Videos

Hours after the release of Renee 6:30’s latest diss song entitled DEMARSHA aimed at the entertainer, Demarco has responded. While the Falling Solider singer didn’t take his response to the studio, at least for now, he turned to social media instead to express his feelings towards the song’s creator.

In his response, Demarco dragged his current lyrical war adversary, Shane-O, in the middle, “Shane-O in love with this vomit. Am not proud of it, am so sorry am not proud of it guys, am sorry, fans I let yuh down am sorry am not proud of this, am not, am really not proud of this, yuh understand, am not proud of this, this dog vomit.”


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He continued, “Yow my life just different enuh, yuh know how much time this gal yah a tell people seh me an her deh and me tell dem seh no man a me likkle friend.”

Watch the video below:

As he continued to diss Renee personally, Demarco was seemingly considering hitting the studio to respond but he changed his mind, according to him, he did not want to give Renee any more highlight than she was already getting.

Demarco instead resorted to dissing her by telling her to pay for her ‘designer’ body and that she was having sex in the bushes of St. Thomas with a popular St. Thomas artiste.

Watch the videos below:

He continued his response by seemingly threatening to expose compromising videos of Renee if she continues to drag his name, stating, “Hey gal yuh know how much video me have a yuh, my studio have thousand video camera, yuh know that already; dog tail, dog tail, don’t mek me phone just lost enuh cause me phone wi just end up lost, dog tail don’t do it.”

See the video below:

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