Fully Bad Aims His Outrage at Isaiah Laing and Threatens to ‘Guzu’ Police Officer Who Allegedly Hit Him – Watch Video

Wednesday, December 27, 2023, 3:02 PM GMT-5

Following his chaotic brawl at Sting, dancehall artiste Fully Bad has voiced his outrage that his performance was interrupted by Honormasity and lashed out at a police officer who allegedly hit him.

Sting 2023 ended in a chaotic conclusion Wednesday morning, with patrons forced to quickly vacate JamWorld in Portmore, St. Catherine, due to a fight between Fully Bad and Honormasity. Moments before the deejays began trading blows, Fully Bad was engaged in a lyrical battle with Kyodi on stage, as was planned.


Unlike the one-on-one between Fully Bad and Kyodi many expected to see, Honormosity took to the stage, turning the clashing duo into a trio, which subsequently ignited a brawl.

After the fight, during a live stream, Fully Bad extended thanks to his fans but had several harsh words for Sting founder Isaiah Laing and the police.

Fully Bad said he had already issued a warning that if any “waste” artiste was sent on the stage, they would be dealt with physically. He also emphasised that there would be harsh consequences if anyone interfered with his career.

“Memba mi tell unuh already inuh yute. Any how unuh feel like unuh ago book man and sen up some waste artiste pon mi stage mi guh buss up him face [ … ] Nuh bwoy nuh play wid my career, yuh hear dat, people will dead,” Fully Bad stated.

The deejay also expressed his displeasure with Laing. “A wapm to unuh yute. Mista laing, don’t do dat mista Laing yuh hear dat. Don’t feel like unuh can style mi. Yuh hear dat, rise wi a rise.”

It is not yet clear if Laing authorised Honormasity’s impromptu performance, as the only advertised clash was between Fully Bad and Kyodi. However, after Honormosity took to the stage in the midst of the clash, the event’s emcee can be seen giving him a microphone.

As the fight between Fully Bad and Honormasity made its way into the crowd at JamWorld, multiple men jumped from the stage, one of which hit Fully Bad over the head with a beer bucket filled with water. In addition to this, it appears Fully Bad suffered another blow to the head, with the Bad Temper artiste lashing out at a police officer who allegedly hit him.

“Yuh see da police bwoy deh weh violate mi ting and slap mi ina mi head, b**ty bwoy [ … ] you, you, mi ago f***k you up. S**k yuh madda b**ty bwoy,” Fully Bad stated.

Watch the video below.

After the fight, HON0MASITY get arrested by the police and he had a few worlds to say about the incident, check him out below:

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