Alkaline asks Squash’s Mother For a HEADAZ in “Most Wanted”

By all accounts the current dancehall lyricall clash between Alkaline and Squash seems to be far from over, now that we are 3 rounds in and both artistes keep taking aim at each other, Squash fired a shot yesterday with ” Funeral Program” while today Alkaline is firing back with “Most Wanted”.

Squash’s song “Funeral Program” has racked up almost 400k views in just 24 hours and is currently trending at #3 spot on youtube. On the other hand all Alkaline’s previous 2 songs in the clash trended at number one, we can only wait and see if this one will too.

This new release seems to be for the purpose of controlling the number one spot as Squashes “Funeral Program” song is moving very fast and not too far from the number one spot.

SOME LYRIC “Most wanted inna the streetz… wi nuh fraid fi dead… Most wanted and we a dweet..”

“you nuh know mi madda , mi know yours, is germs, she a gi weh headaz hawd and mi want a turn” Alkaline continues to diss Squashes mother “Shelly’.

Released in September 2019
Dancehall Music Genre

Listen, Stream the full song below

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