Alkaline Debuts at #1 On Itunes Reggae Chart With “Top Prize” Album

Friday, May 14, 2021, 11:03 AM GMT-5

The “Yung Lawd” Alkaline has finally dropped his sophomore album entitled “Top Prize”, and already the project has generated the expected heat, with a number 1 debut, on the Itunes reggae chart, right above Bob Marley’s Legend album and a number 6 position throughout all genres, sitting amongst projects by Nicki Minaj and J Cole.

His first project was ” New Level Unlocked” in 2016, which topped the Reggae Billboard, selling 741 copies in its first week.


The “Top Prize” album from the Ardenne high past student includes tracks from labels such as Studio Vybz Entertainment, Tru Ambassador Entertainment, Autobamb Records, Gegodon Records, ArmzhouseRecordss, True Loyal Records, and Countreehype Entertainment.

The well-crafted project features songs for all types of listeners with tracks such as “Magic”, ” Maniac”, “Hostage”, ” Ah”, “Twerc” and “Heat Of The Moment” for the ladies, “Cree”, and ” Payroll” for the gangsters, “Medicine” for the weed smokers, “Ocean wave”, ” More Life” and “Top Prize” for the-getters and tracks such as “Deh Suh” and “Nuh Trust Mankind” In which he expresses some of his deepest thoughts.

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With the first-day performance going so well, one can only imagine what the next few weeks will look like for the album, which was already being projected by many to be prosperous since the “Alka”, had sent out the presave link weeks before the release, which is a strategy used by artistes to increase first week sales.

According to popular opinion, the production of the album is great as expected however the songs are not expected to hit as hard as the ones on his first album “New Level Unlocked”.

Check out the most popular song from the project so far below.

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