Alkaline gets “Dawk” on twitter… Dissing “All a who sell out”

August 2, 2020 2:42 PM

Alkaline who is not known to be very expressive with regards to his feelings online is making an excepting on twitter.

In May he randomly tweeted “Wild nuh fuq”.


It must be said that the deejay don’t promote his twitter account nor remain active on the platform hence it has far less followers than his Facebook, Instagram and favoured youtube account.

By all checks this twitter account named “thealkaline” is runned by Alakline himself or if not, his manager sister “Kimona Bartley” .

After reading Alkaline’s comments one person wrote “No respect at all for your fans and followers” while another agreed with Alkaline and said “AND WE NAH FRIEND UNNO BACK NEITHER”.

See the Dark tweets that were posted by the vendetta boss hours ago, below

“Detta seh love” This tweet must not be over looked as we would love to see all dancehall artistes show each other love even if they part ways.

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Rumours have been circulating online that Alkaline no longer talks to Mavado nor Jahmiel, comments like these will only fuel such rumours.


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