Alkaline Kicks Off February With ‘Nah Lef Eh Game’ Music Video

Thursday, February 1, 2024, 5:48 AM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Alkaline is stepping up his music video game after releasing only a handful of visuals in 2023. The Vendetta leader has already released his second music video of 2024 for his song titled ‘Nah Lef Eh Game’.

The song is about his commitment to the music business, highlighting that despite the naysayers he is fully on top of his game.

As a loner, Alkaline used this new music video to show fans his fashion sense while seemingly reminding everyone that he is usually by himself. The visuals show Alkaline at a house enjoying his own company as no one is seen around as he does his endeavours.

Some lyrics, “Mek dem cuss mek dem gwaan complain run up them pressure cah mi nah lef e game… stress cah get we off a yo brain… nah lef eh game.”

“Nah Lef Eh Game” which was produced by Autobamb Records and Sponge Music was uploaded to Youtube on February 1 and is expected to dominate the trending music chart for Jamaica on the platform soon.

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